Finer Digital Marketing Options For Your Deals

Finer Digital Marketing Options For Your Deals

Finer Digital Marketing Options For Your Deals


If you tend to use social networks and consume digital content, many months ago you will have seen how the use of animated GIFs is increasingly popular. And, even people who are not familiar with the term “GIF” have seen (and even used) some more than once.

  • The use of animated images is very popular on the Internet to give dynamism to each message, whatever type they may be. Although in reality, GIFs are nothing new, seeing them in a generalized way in the messages that brands have with their users is something new. They started using emoticons or emojis, which are already more than accepted by all of us, and then move on to the use of stickers (or stickers) that help us express our digital messages.

Among all of them, we can find a wide variety of themes. But, in addition, do not think that everything is limited to small drawings that move, in fact, they have a tremendous educational potential when it comes to applying an effective content strategy and impact. From animation ants, you will be having the perfect deals now.

Do you want to join this trend of animated GIFs?

Today we tell you in this article all about what GIFs are, where to find them and how you can use them strategically if you have a brand or online business.

What is an animated GIF?

Let’s start by getting to know these little multimedia files in detail. You know, you can not start to apply something in your online marketing strategy if you do not know everything that you can contribute.

  • We are sure that defining and reviewing the advantages of integrating GIFs in your messages and digital content will encourage you to use them as well.
  • GIF stands for” Graphic Interchange Format “or, translated into Spanish, graphics exchange format. In other words, it is a type of visual file that is made up of several static images that are reproduced sequentially and in a loop.
  • These static images can be photographs, illustrations, symbols. Any type of image that contributes any significance to the final result.

Because, as it happens in the cinematographic world, you will already know that the sequencing of images ends up producing an animated sensation.

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