Best Movies

Best Movies

Press Man

A standout amongst the best hero solarmovies ever. An incredible, fun ride driven by Robert Downey Jr.

Batman – The Dark Knight

THE best superhuman movie ever, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Dark Knight is a type changing movie that reclassifies what a hero movie can be. The state of mind is so thick and plot so wound that this movie remained with me days after I saw it.


An unusual however obvious tale about a mother who’s young man disappears, at that point the police discover him, just it is an alternate kid. Eminently acted by Angelina Jolie and unbelievably coordinated by Clint Eastwood.

Slumdog Millionaire

The unexpected diamond from India. This movie overwhelmed the Oscar’s and in light of current circumstances, Slumdog rises above the ghettos with a delightful content, stunning hues and awesome acting.

The Wrestler

Randy (Mickey Rourke) is a saint that you need to see conquer the opening he has burrowed for himself, yet acknowledge about part of the way through he is just going to fall further, he is past save. An incredible movie that can convey you to tears viewing the wrestler slip, slip, slip.

Progressive Road

Typifies the existence that is rural living. Obviously not every person in the suburbs feels the manner in which the characters do in the movie, however my theory is there are some that do feel along these lines, caught. This was an extraordinary case, yet I loved it since it demonstrates the withering of ones soul on the off chance that we don’t pursue our fantasies. Helped me a great deal to remember American Beauty.

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