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Tips to clear debts and get out of the red.

To get rid of debt and get out of the red you need to make a decision. The longer you become indebted , the greater your loss in the future. To get back to having good nights sleep, the best way is to face the problem head on and look for alternatives for paying the debts . The question that does not want to be silent: can pay the debts even without money ? Yes! All you have to do is organize yourself to get your debts gone once and for all.




Calculate the amount of debt

Calculate the amount of debt

The first step is to put in the tip of the pencil any account that has not yet been paid and, if applicable, the amount of the overdraft and the invoice of the credit card that has not yet expired. The value of the total debt should be calculated, including interest. To know the value of the current debt , contact the suppliers. Once you have knowledge about the value of debt with interest , it is time to prioritize the more expensive debts, that is, those that have more interest , such as credit card and overdraft.


Evaluate renegotiation conditions


Evaluate renegotiation conditions

Before seeking direct renegotiation , calculate the amount you can invest in debt repayment , according to your monthly income. You need to know this value so as not to compromise on basic expenses such as water, electricity, telephone and food. For those who do not have fixed income, the care in the agreement must be even greater. Demonstrate that you have an interest in repaying the debt and analyzing the lender’s proposal. Most of the time, it is possible to get discount on the payment of debt in cash .



Look for cheaper alternatives

If you do not have money to pay off the debt in cash , especially when it comes to credit card or overdraft, good option is to seek a personal loan that has lower interest rates. Good Credit helps you with this mission: you fill out a fast and secure registration and receive the best credit options , with installments that fit in your pocket. It works like this: your loan application is evaluated by several Good Credit Partners. Before long, you get different proposals. So, it’s up to you to choose the best loan option for you!


Organize your budget
To stay out of the way, it’s vital to organize your monthly budget . When the situation tightens, cut unnecessary spending and use the credit card in moderation, so there will be no surprises at the end of the month. After you negotiate debts , try not to lose control of your money and, whenever possible, have a financial reserve to be used in unforeseen cases. Remember that a financially healthy life is up to you!



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