These are the Conditions of Rapid Microcredits

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Rapid microcredits are financial products that already enjoy a certain popularity among Spanish consumers. However, more than a decade ago, although they already existed and were advertised in the media, the majority of the population had not yet had close contact with them.

Below we explain in depth what a quick microcredit is.

The rise of rapid microcredits

The rise of rapid microcredits

Rapid microcredit adapts to the dynamism of the economic needs of Spaniards today better than the rigidity of conventional financial products. Keep in mind that there are expenses that require an urgent liquidity provision. In these circumstances, you may not be able to wait to go through the process of being given an appointment at the bank of a lifetime and study your credit application.

If, in addition, we add to this urgency the problem that may arise from the hardened guarantees currently required by banks to grant loans (as a result of public intervention after the crisis that began in 2008), rapid microcredits are even more useful.

It is possible that you can not provide a payroll or an endorsement or you can prove your absence from the census of defaulters of ASNEF and RAI before the representatives of the risk department of your usual bank. But it is also likely that, even if you can meet these conditions, you do not have enough time to gather the accreditation of all the requirements before having to make the payment for which you have requested the credit.

So, as for requesting a quick microcredit, you will only be required, in addition to other easy to contribute data, the verification of a regular income, it is not strange that you contemplate this alternative. You know, on the other hand, that this income can be higher than a payroll.

The road to the expansion of these microcredits

The road to the expansion of these microcredits

You will have noticed by now that the evolution of these financial products has been very fast. Keep in mind that they were born to offer soft conditions and immediate liquidity to crucial projects in the most underdeveloped areas of the planet.

Many changes have taken place since Mohamed Yunus made microcredits fashionable at the end of the last century. The digital revolution has led to its total popularization, given that the facilities that this transformation has generated allow that some instruments created for very specific situations and contexts (for example, Bangladesh) have become financial products commonly used in the West.

Undoubtedly, the emergence of the Internet has enabled the establishment of specialized loan entities in these small claims (below 800 euros). Working with these specific credits, on the other hand, facilitates the design of economies of scale, since a large number of them can be offered as the main base of the business.

These are businesses that are convenient for both lenders and borrowers and in which we, Astro Finance, as an intermediary between the interested parties, facilitate the completion of procedures. That is why we want to inform you about the conditions that make a quick microcredit different and more profitable.

In the following lines we tell you how you have to make the necessary arrangements to get one of them. Pay attention.

The steps you must take to get a microcredit

The steps you must take to get a microcredit

We go by parties.

The decision

To achieve the microcredit that suits you, the first thing you have to do is a good analysis about your needs. If it is clear that they have to do with facing a punctual payment for which you lack liquidity right now, this is the financial product you require. However, it goes without saying that you should not abuse microcredit. For example, do not use them to commonly pay for current expenses. We refer to those that you will have to face every month. This payment behavior could lead you to over-indebtedness.

Select the microcredit that interests you

The next step is to enter the credit simulator of our website. Through this application you will be able to choose how much money you need and the time period in which you make the commitment to return it, which will also generate the operation’s fees. You can perform various tests with this simulator to check which type of operation compensates you the most.

Enter the data

Once you have chosen the specific microcredit that interests you, it is time for the computer system to collect the minimum data necessary to carry out the processing of the microcredit. These data are very simple. On the one hand, those of a personal nature, such as those contained in the DNI, which will serve to identify you and show that you are between 18 and 65 years old. On the other hand, banking, which will be timely so that the future transaction can be made to your checking account. In addition, you must inform of your mobile phone number, since it will be used to communicate information relevant to the approval or denial of the microcredit. These steps, in general, will not take you more than five minutes.

Receive the money in your account

Finally, once you have analyzed the personal and banking information that you have sent, those responsible for having studied your file may consider that the microcredit must be granted. If your bank account is one of the entities that work with the lender, the arrival of the money to it will be, practically, immediate.

Internet is the key to speed

Internet is the key to speed

In the same way that working online facilitated the credit entities to manage the microcredits, it also favors that the clients can have a fluid access to them. In fact, one of the advantages that most appreciate is to be able to perform all the procedures proper to the requests from the comfort of home. They do not have to travel to take photocopies of documents to any bank branch, which means a considerable saving of time and money.

In short, fast microcredits are financial products that have proved to be very useful to alleviate the specific needs of liquidity.

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