Can I Have The Loan Denied Because I Already Had The Dirty Name?

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Can a bank or financial institution deny my personal credit if I have ever had the name dirty even though I have already paid off the debt?

This is a recurring question of people who intend to finance a car or even a new property. Is the loan possible or not?

No financial institution has the obligation to lend money , however, there is the credit analysis, which is a way of verifying the credibility of who will take out the loan and thus have a greater backing and guarantee of payment. That is, not necessarily your funding will be denied because you already had dirty name or one day was denied .

How it works?

How it works?


In the agencies of Serasa, SPC, Boa Vista it is possible to consult the creditors. If you have settled your debts and legalized your situation, your name will no longer appear on this list. If you have already initiated debt repayment or renegotiation of it, do not worry, your name will be cleared.

This will not necessarily be an obstacle to the financing.

But if you took a loan from a bank, you did not take it out and you’re trying to get the loan from this bank, then you might have trouble doing it. Banks always evaluate your credit behavior you already own, and if you have ever delayed it, it could mean that it could happen again.

For example, assuming you took money from a particular financial institution, you had trouble getting it out, and your name has been denied, even if you have regularized the situation, there is a probability that it will deny credit.

So be aware that your debt does not turn into a snowball and do not get your name dirty.

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